Chin-Up Training Program

Male Chin-ups

Chin-Up Training Program (For Men and Women) A complete program for mastering the chin-up and the pull-up. Simple advice that will explode your strength and pulling abilities Contents This index is interactive. Just click on the chapter you wish to go to, and you will be there in a jiffy! […] Read more »

Can I Eat Well and Still Lose Weight?

Eat Well and Lose Weight

There are certainly a lot of untruths when it comes to this whole business of dieting/weight loss/misery. And misery is what it is for many people trying to get the scales going down and needing a smaller set of clothes. I think the whole misconception about diets is what leads […] Read more »

Dealing With Wobbly Arms

Get Rid of Flabby Arms

Batwings, Granny arms, bingo arms, bingo wings, chap flaps (male version), jello arms……………. and those are just the slang terms I know of in use in the UK. Not good. We all like a laugh, and it seems that over the last few years more and more slang terms have […] Read more »

Missing My Training

So I have been missing my training. Not skipping it through weak willed laziness you understand. But actually “missing” not doing any. That’s because last week has been purposefully dedicated to not lifting any weights, and not exercising formally at all. It was week 11 of my current round of […] Read more »