100 Steps To YOUR Perfect Body

Good news folks, this article giving you 100 steps to YOUR perfect body is going to cover all the bases, and will certainly give you more than enough to chew on (sorry) if your goal is to lose weight, get lean, look toned and awesome, and, yep, you guessed it:


Groovy eh?

One thing I do think is very important, and why it is emphasized in bold, is that we are talking about you attaining YOUR perfect body. Not someone else’s idea of what YOU should look like. It is YOUR goals and body image that are important here. It is about US being comfortable in our own skins.  OK enough with the bolding I think!

If that means using a diet to get a six pack to show and having large biceps then cool. Learning how to get toned abs for men and women is not as complicated, or as hard, as you may have thought.

If it means being able to perform 1 chin-up or a hundred then that is cool too. Learn how to do it here.

These are our bodies, and we should take the appropriate steps to reach our own personal goals. Not what someone else’s ideal is (bugger, I bolded again. Is that a word?).

That being said, most of us want to lose weight and get fitter and have a more sculpted body. And the bottom line for that is that we need proper nutrition and exercise. And the exercise is going to come in the form of resistance training.

And that does not mean lifting a pink neoprene dumbbell for sets of 50 reps for curls.

You may as well save your money.

It means doing chin-ups and dips, or some variation depending on your strength levels. And working our legs and backsides hard doing squats or a variation. THAT is how you look “toned“, that is how you get a nicely defined physique, once you shed the excess pounds.

This is quite a long article, over 10,000 words, but don’t worry, it isn’t going anywhere, so please take your time to read it.

Okely dokely, here are 100 steps to a guaranteed better body for YOU!!!

  1. Drink lot’s of water:

    Water keeps you hydrated and makes your skin clearer. It eliminates impurities from your body and can help with hunger pangs. Drinking plenty of water also helps to eliminate subcutaneous fat, which is extremely important if you want that very lean look.

  2. Eat less calories than you burn:

    I guess that sounds like a bit of a no brainer. But the bottom line is that it is the number 1 reason why people are incapable of losing weight. They put in more than they burn off. All the cardio in the world is not going to do any good if you eat too much. And the reality is that cardio is not ideal for losing weight. That little donut would probably take the best part of an hour to burn off via a cardio session. Better to just not eat it! Controlling what you eat is the absolute best way to lose weight consistently, until you reach your desired weight. Add in resistance training, and some healthy walks, and you have a recipe for a new you.

  3. Eat low carb:

    There are a number of very real benefits to eating low carb. The low carb dinner diaries are a great place to find a growing number of lurvely meals that certainly don’t skimp on the taste factor. Eating low carb not only allows you to control your appetite (you don’t get spikes in blood sugar levels), but you also make losing weight much simpler. You are, in one fell swoop, eliminating many carbohydrate sources that will literally pack on the pounds, even with what may seem like a sensible food portion. Plus you won’t get the cravings you used to when your sugar levels were all over the place either. The more prone you are to highs and lows after both simple and complex carbs then the more prone you are to putting on fat if you eat a diet high in carbs.

  4. Eat high protein:

    Eating meals high in protein satisfies hunger a lot more readily than meals high in carbs. It needs more calories to convert to fuel, so we get the thermogenic effect too. Plus it allows you to gain muscle more readily, although you certainly do not need stupidly high amounts of protein, as some people would have you believe.

  5. Eat high carb after exercise:

    This is one of the secrets to being able to lose weight whilst still building muscle, to firm up that body and make yourself look great naked. You need a good portion of carbs such as potatoes or pasta, rice etc after your workout to boost your Insulin levels. Although Insulin is a growth hormone and will store fat, if we use this to our advantage and consume higher carbs and spike Insulin levels after working out it is directed to muscle growth not fat storage. Very important this one. The secret to weight loss and muscular growth at the same time.

  6. Skip breakfast:

    Controversial, but for many it works amazingly well. Insulin levels are lower in the morning so you can burn fat better. As soon as you break your fast they rise, making your job harder. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, as many of us have believed for a whole lifetime. Do you have to eat breakfast? No, you don’t! Intermittent Fasting (IF) has gained a lot of ground in recent years, due in no small part to the Lean Gains Website, and there is a lot to be said for following this slightly unconventional way of life. I feel great on it, and it will turn you into a fat burning furnace, we have both used it to great effect.

  7. Take photos:

    The dreaded photograph. Urgle! But it is imperative that you do it. It is the only way to really know what you look like. I know that when I had mine taken I was slightly shocked (so was the camera!). But it certainly gave me the impetus to turn things around, and get to a much lower bodyweight. That and the fact that my belly kept pushing my t-shirts out to a rather unflattering degree!

  8. Look at photos and cringe:

    Not always a pretty sight but as stated, a must do. Cringe away, and be sure to take action. Today, not tomorrow. We know from experience that it is all too easy to simply say you will begin to exercise and eat better tomorrow. Before you know it you have a set of very unflattering beach holiday photos on your hard drive that you certainly won’t be framing any time soon. Cringe away and then begin to act differently today. It really is the top motivator that there is.

  9. Measure your bodyfat:

    It does not have to be an expensive piece of equipment, a relatively cheap body fat measurement tool is fine. The main this is that you then stick to that tool. They may all give different readings, some higher or lower than others, but if you use the same one then you can at least track the percentages, without getting too hung up on the actual accuracy of the numbers themselves.

  10. Weigh yourself weekly:

    We don’t recommend weighing daily, we have been there and done that and it is depressing. One day the scales are down, the next it was worse than the day before! Talk about a motivation killer. Better to just weigh once a week on a set day, preferably not on a cheat day, or a day after you have eaten more food. But if you keep it consistent then overall the scales will be going down in numbers. But also don’t ever forget that what you look like in the mirror is more important that what you weigh. There is more to looking good naked than what the scales say.

  11. Video yourself in your underwear exercising:

    You what!!! Are you a mental? Nope. As with taking stills, if you can make a quick short movie of yourself exercising at the beginning then the only way is up. You can check your form, which is very important, but also see just what you look like. If it is far from ideal then it is a great motivational technique. All that you need be aware of is that if you carry on with your new way of eating, and your exercise, then you are never again (in your whole life) going to look quite as bad as you do now.

  12. Improve your form exercising:

    The videos will help, but even without the video you should try at every workout to improve your exercise form, until it is totally perfect. It will prevent injuries, make sure you target your muscles as well as possible, and ensure that progress you make really is progress. Not just you cheating to pretend that you have improved.


  13. Exercise 2 or 3 times a week:

    There is no need to go mental with exercise. To lose weight food is the main issue, and getting fit and healthy can be done in just an hour or so a week. And don’t go for cardio, or other forms of exercise that are for burning calories, over building muscle (unless you are doing it because you actively enjoy it). You can get fit and healthy by training with weights or bodyweight movements, and you won’t look like a bodybuilder. You will look toned and shapely and amazing naked.

  14. Exercise intensely:

    If you don’t work hard then results will be minimal. It doesn’t mean you need to finish an exercise session totally wiped out, there really is no need for that. But unless you exercise so that it is hard then you will get nowhere after the first few sessions. Once you know how to perform an exercise properly, with perfect form, then you need to get better as often as you can. And that means that they will end up being relatively intense exercise sessions. Our ancestors had spurts of brief but intense bouts of activity that would have involved large muscle groups for short periods of time.

  15. Use resistance training:

    So many people are reticent about using weights or bodyweight resistance, and this is such a shame. The old concerns, especially for women, are that if they lift weights, do chin-ups, push-ups and leg work etc, then they will look like a bodybuilder. Look, I have been flat out at it training with very heavy weights for a long time.  And Alexis is doing it too. And if we can’t get to look like anything apart from  people with better tone and shape than people who don’t train, then females have nothing to worry about. All that happens is that you are going to get some shape and definition and look a lot better. Plus you will have plenty of functional strength for real world activities too.

  16. Aim to increase the resistance you use every time you exercise:

    Progressive overload is at the heart of improving your physique. Once you get to grips with technique then it is all down to improving your strength week to week. And this means aiming to make the weights or resistance you use heavier as often as you can. Using perfect form and for the same number of reps or time under load. If you can train like this over an extended period of time then you body will respond and be strong, shapely, and look beautiful. Strip of the fat and you will look damn amazing!

  17. Ignore what others look like:

    This is so important. OK, gratuitous bikini shot above, but the reality is very different for men and women. We have some damn ideal pushed down our throat, and it simply doesn’t work out like that in real life. The reality is that we should ignore what others look like and go for improving ourselves. What others see as perfection is different at every turn. I like curvy women, others like larger women, thin women, any kind of woman! The bottom line is that you should ignore the stereotypes and focus on YOU!

  18. Don’t take advice from genetically gifted people:

    It is so important that you never take advice from someone that is not very similar to you in body-type. Are they really a hardgainer or are they genetically blessed? If so then what they do is pointless for you in terms of exercise. And if they are a skinny hardgainer then taking diet advice is going to result in disaster. When I was young I could eat anything and not put on weight, if only that were true now. But the bottom line is that what works is what works for you. That may mean a slight calorie deficit and the weight pours off you. Or, and this is often the case, it takes either very gradual weight loss over many months, or more severe calorific restriction to see any weight loss. What works for you personally is what works, not what someone else tells you is best for you. You must figure out how far to take things from a personal perspective. There is no “one size fits all” approach.

  19. Don’t go to the Gym:

    A lot of people feel uncomfortable at the Gym. They think people are looking at them and they can’t relax. And apart from that the place is full of fancy machines that do nothing to help you improve your core strength. Ranges of movement are funky and not quite right. And then the bloody stuff you do want to use is taken over by some sweaty dude with no towel who is going to do ten sets with 5 minutes rest between sets and he won’t let you jump in when he rests! Sheesh!!! Oh, and it is expensive too, and often full of posers.

  20. Exercise at home:

    It is cheaper. Plus see above. Plus you can workout when you feel like it, and do so with minimal equipment or investment. What you need to get a great body, in terms of equipment, will cost well under a years Gym membership, and often less than just a few months.

  21. Exercise out of doors if you possibly can:

    It really is a thing of beauty. Obviously if the weather is bad then you may like to have a little re-think. But I have performed weighted chin-ups, deadlifts and dips in the rain, the sun, and the snow (all my equipment is outside). And it is not only refreshing but inspiring too. It gets you close to nature and gets some sunshine on the face to boost the happy feelings.

  22. Train for 30 minutes or so:

    It is simply not needed, or wanted by many, to spend half their time either doing or thinking about exercise. 2 or 3 times a week for half an hour or less will produce some amazing results in terms of body composition. If you hit all of your muscles, with some good exercises, then you only need to do 3 exercises to transform how you look. It doesn’t have to be a mammoth session at all.

  23. Do heavy leg work:

    Unless you were born with huge legs then heavy leg work simply gives you toned and defined legs, with some muscle. Look at all the great athletes that are male and female. They don’t look muscle bound, they look hot. Men and women both need to train their legs hard to get a toned look, and to get a bum to be proud of. There are so many misconceptions about heavy leg work, when the reality is that if you do it for a period of time you will just build the most grababble (word? doubt it!) ass in the neighbourhood.

  24. Use a trap bar instead of doing squats:

    This is what we recommend you use for heavy leg work. It saves you compressing your spine, as you do in squats. And it also allows you to train in total safety. It is just about the best piece of equipment there is for getting a lovely pair of shapely legs, or well muscled legs for men, and a bum to eat your dinner off!

  25. Use rest pause training for maximum gains:

    If you really want to fast track how you can build a great pair of legs then rest pause training can work miracles. Using a very heavy weight you perform a single rep then put the bar back down for a second. Try doing a set of 20 rest pause squats or trap bar deadlifts. You will have firm and amazing looking legs in no time at all. Not for the faint of heart, or those new to such types of exercise though. It is hardcore in the extreme.

  26. Do chin ups:

    There are not many people that can do a decent number of chin-ups. Especially women. But practice makes perfect dudes. And if you stick with it then there is no reason why men should not be able to perform multiple sets for reps with weight around their waist. And all women, if they can get to a nice low bodyweight, should be able to perform at least a few good quality reps.

  27. Practice doing chin ups until you can do them:

    We have a number of different variations if you cannot do regular chin-ups. If you really are heavy, or new to training then dead hangs are the way to start. Then move onto flex hangs, where you hold yourself at the top with your chin over the bar. Or try Australian chin-ups where you have a bar a few feet off the floor. You hold your body rigid with your heels on the floor and grabbing the bar pull up until your chest touches the bar. See the chin-up guide for lots of great info.

  28. Do negative chins until you can perform the full range of movements:

    Negatives involve the lowering part only of the chin-up. Most people are about 40% stronger in this position than in the positive part of exercises. Once you can do flex hangs and Australian chin-ups then you should have no problem progressing to negative chins. Next step? Doing a few full reps and trying to improve on it week after week.

  29. Do dips:

    Dips are one of those, um, hang on…….No, not those kind of dips! Anyway, dips are one of those exercises that seem pretty tough when you first give them a go. It does take some time to get into the groove and find the right balance. But people should generally be a lot more capable of performing dips than of doing chin-ups. Women can dip, and do some serious sets for some serious reps. And once you have your weight under control, you should soon find you will be hunting around for a dipping belt to add more weight too. Why dip? To get a firm chest, a nice shape, defined triceps (best way to get rid of flabby arms) and strong shoulders too. It is the king of upper body exercises along with chin-ups. If you can’t do them to start with then you should find that negatives become an option fairly quickly.

  30. Do push ups until you can do dips:

    If you are not able to do negative dips to start with then try push-ups or one of the variations. You can place something underneath you to limit the range, or do knee push-ups, where rather than keeping your body rigid and balance on your toes, you place your lower legs on the ground and perform the exercise. Try to improve every time and soon enough you will be doing the push-up and the dip for multiple sets for multiple reps too.

  31. Pick a way of eating and stick to it:

    Unless you decide to stick to a way of eating you are doomed to failure. If you want to lose weight then you need to change how you eat, and stick with it. If you bounce around trying all different things then you are never going to know what is going to work for YOU. That’s right, no-one reacts the same to different ways of eating, you need to stick to a program and tweak it until you see results. Any way of eating that allows you to eat less than you burn will result in weight loss, it is just the fact that different ways of eating can give faster results. OR result in more fat lost rather than muscle. And the way we live allows you to lose fat whilst gaining muscle at the same time. Due to the cycling of the way we eat  throughout the week.

  32. Don’t do a fad diet:

    This is for life, not just for a few months. If you go on a cabbage soup diet or some diet that involves shakes and expensive snack bars then it is simply not sustainable for life is it? And when you go back to your old ways the weight will be back before you know it. Plus it is simply not enjoyable. The best diets are ones that allow you to eat healthy and good quality food that you enjoy. Not some weird program made up by someone that takes your cash and knows it is not sustainable over the long term. We need to actually understand what certain food does to our bodies, and eat in a way that let’s us enjoy life, and minimize foodstuffs that have a negative impact on our bodies.

  33. Change the way you are going to eat for a lifetime:

    What do we want out of life? To be happy? I would put that first. And for many that involves having the body they want, and feeling fitter and healthier. To do this we don’t want to be obsessed about food constantly. So we need to change our eating habits to something sustainable for the rest of our lives. Eating low carb, paleo, or simply concentrating on good quality food that allows us to stay slim is the best way for many. It is sustainable over the long term, but we don’t need to obsess about it. We believe in taking the best from various ways of eating and honing it to suit our tastes. Nothing dogmatic, the best of personal research to allow you to eat nice food, time blow-outs so you don’t put on fat, you actually gain muscle, and allowing you to enjoy life and not get hung up on detailed specifics.

  34. If you don’t lose weight every week then eat less:

    Everyone reacts differently to the calories they consume. Some peeps just have to look at a plate of pasta and they gain weight. And for weight loss the sad fact is that not everyone loses weight consistently with a slight calorie deficit. Sometimes, and for some people, things have to get a little more extreme. And this may mean that YOU may have to consume less calories than others if you wish to keep losing weight. Metabolism and how you process your food, plus a million other factors can come into play. Do what works, and if you are not seeing consistent fat loss then cut the calories, use a smaller plate, and do what needs to be done to get to your ideal weight, and more importantly, your ideal figure.

  35. Don’t listen to people that tell you your way of eating is not right:

    All of us have our own opinions on food. And what is good and what is bad. The reality is that when most of the population eats junk food anything we do to cut that out is going to make us eat better than almost every other person in the Western World. Some will tell you that eating high fat foods is bad for you, we don’t agree. Some will say Paleo is the only way, we don’t agree. Intermittent Fasting? Yeah, whatever dude, look at my six pack. Talk to the hand. Choose your own way and stick to it. You know in your heart if you are eating a healthy diet or not.

  36. Have a cheat day once a week:

    This is important for a number of reasons. Apart from ensuring that you do not slow your metabolism down too much, and stop burning fat as part of a weight loss program, it is simply good for the spirits too. Not eating foods you have spent a lifetime consuming can be hard. But if you have at least once a week where you can eat what you like then it makes changing the rest of your diet a lot easier. Even if you still eat healthy it is important to eat over maintenance as part of your training to gain muscle, so time a cheat day with your training day, eat plenty after a workout, and the extra muscle mass you gain through this technique will allow you to burn more calories at rest anyway. Win win innit!

  37. If you eat something you shouldn’t then don’t beat yourself up over it:

    What if you eat a ton of bad food when you shouldn’t have. Learn how to cope with overeating. Let’s face it, it will happen. Life gets in the way, we get tempted, and none of us are perfect. Don’t beat yourself up over it, try not to do it again, and get back down to business.

  38. Get back on track as quickly as possible:

    Dust yourself down, kick yourself in the bum, but not too harshly, and simply get back to being good. The only issue with going off the rails is if you keep making it a habit. Get rid of all food in your house that is doing you no favors, it will lighten the load and stop temptation. Everyone will face getting it wrong in terms of their body and lifestyle goals at some point. Too many glasses of wine, too much bad food, a whopping plate of pasta on a low carb day, it happens. Just don’t let yourself fall back into bad ways. If you do it, then skip some meals, exercise straight away, and you should find you have done some serious damage limitation.

  39. Always eat high carb after training:

    This is at the heart of a technique that allows you to eat large carbohydrate based meals that are advantageous. If you eat like this directly after a good resistance workout then you replenish glycogen stores in your muscles quickly, the food is used to repair and build muscle tissue, and you get to also ensure your metabolism stays high. You should eat the majority of your days calories after training if you want to maximize fat loss, whilst at the same time maximizing muscle gain. This kind of cyclical diet, along with controlling carb to protein ratios, really does let you have the best of both worlds.

  40. Remember that resistance training will not make you have huge muscles easily:

    If only! I have to be honest, it is a struggle dudes. All these claims you see Online about getting huge muscles in 6 weeks, it’s total bull! It ain’t going to happen. People with good muscular size put in years of work in the Gym, and they are also often blessed with great genetics too. For us mere mortals we will gain a lovely looking body with some hard work, one that will turn heads on the beach for sure. But you won’t be getting 20 inch biceps any time soon I am afraid to say.

  41. Women should train just as hard as men:

    It is a complete fallacy that if women work hard with weights or resistance training they will get huge. The image to the left is much more likely an outcome. If you can build some muscle, and get lean enough, then this is what most females could look like. OK, maybe not quite like that but you get the idea? If you look online on our women that workout board on Pinterest then we have numerous images of females that train hard as hell with weights, and control their diet. The result? A bloody kick ass body. Lovely firm bum, muscular but feminine chest, and strong legs with a nice flat stomach. It takes really hard work to look like that, neoprene dumbbells for high reps won’t cut it I am afraid!

  42. Don’t exercise for a “pump”. Exercise to get stronger:

    Although your muscles will look bigger for a brief period of time if you go for a pump, it won’t last. The only true gauge of progress is getting stronger. This means using sensible rep ranges with relatively heavy weights, be they on a bar or your own bodyweight. Progressive overload is the name of the game. i.e Trying to improve on what you did last time for rep ranges usually from 5-12 reps, up to 20 reps for leg work can often result in the best gains.

  43. Don’t use high reps, it won’t do anything:

    So many people are under the mistaken belief that using light weights for high reps will get them toned without building muscle. It is a total fallacy. If you want muscles that look toned there are two things you need to do. Make your muscles bigger, and lose enough weight so that the shape of them can be seen. That is it. We all have a six-pack under the flab, but for it to look good we need to develop the abdominal muscles and get lean enough to show them off. And you are going to be quite surprised just how lean you have to get if you really do want to show off your muscles in the best way possible.

  44. Remember that if you get strong you will just look “toned”, not like a Mr. Olympia:

    For many men this is hard to take. For women it is great news for the most part. Do you think this lady got a six pack from doing workouts with light weights and a little bit of cardio? More likely she bust a gut in the Gym performing compound exercises with heavy weights. If you train hard you can transform your body, and you will look muscular. But the natural look for women is with a layer of bodyfat, you won’t be looking all angular and masculine, that is for sure. And for men, if they can get their bodyfat low enough, and build some decent muscle, they are going to look frankly amazing. So don’t worry about looking like something it is nigh on impossible to achieve.

  45. Make exercise a part of you:

    Not something you do under sufferance. You need to follow the routine we recommend, or some kind of variation on it that you enjoy. Unless you make it a part of you and who you are then you will never stick to it long term. We all know that it is important to retain, if not gain strength as we age, to keep our bones and body in good condition as we get older. But unless you take it upon yourself to make your routine a part of who you are, and an important part of your life, then you will never stick to it over the many years you have left. If you train your legs properly, doing squats or a variation, you will suffer less from knee joint problems as you age, and this goes for the rest of your tendons, joints, ligaments and muscle and bone as well. Stay fighting fit and make a workout routine a part of your week, forever.

  46. Eat good quality food that you enjoy:

    Because if you don’t then you are never going to stick to it. We firmly believe in low carb living, and eating naturally, but we are not fools. We like chocolate (Kit Kat’s rock!) and we like pasta. So we eat those foods. BUT we eat them either on a cheat day or directly after a workout. And it works. You can still lose weight. The food does not have the same effect on your body as it does if you eat it all the time and without it helping to build muscle. Arrange your diet like this and it makes life very enjoyable. There are an amazing array of delicious foodstuff that you can eat without it being all wheatgerm and knitted yogurt with sawdust shavings as a treat. Buy a good cookbook. Cook an amazing meal from the low carb dinner diaries. The world is your mollusc as Terry Pratchet has been known to say. You don’t have to be a stickler to a specific regime, such as Paleo, unless you actively enjoy such a lifestyle. Eat well, and follow a plan, but be happy in your choices too.

  47. Don’t eat food you don’t like much:

    It is the road to ruin. If the only way to lose weight was to eat sprouts then I would stay fat! Luckily this is not the case. There are plenty of great quality food items available for everyone. Base your diet around what you enjoy, but within constraints that will allow you to feel alive and vibrant, and lose weight. Maybe write up a weeks worth of recipes and then go shopping. You know what you like, you know what kind of plan you can stick to. So don’t go buying a sack of salmon if you can’t stand it. Buy cod instead! Okay, you get the idea, maybe not the best analogy.

  48. Forget myths about high fat food being bad for you:

    Everyone has an opinion, me included. Decent amounts of saturated fats are not only natural, they may well be crucial to staying healthy and vibrant. So many people are obsessed with a low fat diet, and they may well be harming their health. It leads to vitamin deficiency, a weaker immune system, and not eating enough fat leads many to choose a high carb diet that leads to obesity. This is not to say you should eat crap. You should eat natural food such as red meat, lamb, eggs, milk, cheese etc that will do nothing but improve your health if eaten in moderation. But yeah, I know, contentious issue. We make our own minds up about these things. We look at it from a “what is natural” point of view. And eating quality foods with fat included seems perfectly natural.

  49. If you like sugar in coffee then have it:

    I was very pleased to find this out. It’s 8 calories a spoonful so no biggie. If you like coffee with milk and sugar then drink it like that. No point not enjoying it. 8 calories is nothing. 10 cups of coffee with a spoon of sugar is like eating one boiled egg. Enjoy it. Life is for living and there is no point obsessing over every little detail.

  50. Don’t become obsessed about a certain way of eating:

    If you like the Primal idea but like to eat cheese then so what? Obsessions leads to anxiety, why put yourself in that position? You don’t have to be a stickler to any “brand” way of eating. But the facts are that high carb diets, and junk food diets, are what put a lot of people into the obese section at the fat person shop. Don’t end up in that aisle. Be in the lean and gorgeous isle, where everyone likes to hang out. Eat natural foods, and treat yourself now and then, it isn’t the end of the world. If cheddar cheese isn’t Primal then so what. It’s better than one of those cheese wizzley thingies, whatever they are called.

  51. Don’t eat much cheese:

    It has a ton of calories. 50g of cheddar has over 200 calories, and trust me, that ain’t a lot of cheese my friend! Eat it very sparingly if you possibly can. You are better grating something like Parmesan on your eggs than cheddar. Stronger tasting options will go further, you don’t need anywhere near as much. But they still liven up all manner of dishes no end. Don’t deny yourself entirely though, have a nice chunk on cheat days, in a burger or feta in a salad. Remember that if you are too hard on yourself you will fall off the wagon entirely. And that is far worse than eating a little bit too much if you time it right.

  52. Everything in moderation is always best:

    It really is the only way to go over the long term. You need to even out what you eat over the long term. It may be cool to have a pizza once a month on a cheat day. Over the course of a year that is not going to equate to any crazy kind of calorie count. But one a day? Forget it. Eat a wide range of foods, concentrating on meat, fish, dairy, eggs and vegetables. Throw in the odd apple or a glass of orange juice after a workout and you will be lean and mean and a real fighting machine. The flab will be gone and you will look better than anyone else you know. And they will know it too!

  53. Don’t drink much alcohol:

    I find this one very difficult. It makes me weep just to write it. But apparently getting totally pissed every night is not good for you if you want to be healthy or lose weight. It comes as a great personal disappointment. But, the reality is that if you keep necking the booze you are going to have a real battle on your hands in terms of weight loss. The average glass of wine has 80 plus calories and that can mount up if you have a serious session. Other beverages are a lot worse so get clean dudes.

  54. A glass or two of red wine a day is actually good for you:

    Phew! At least there is a little ray of light at the end of the tunnel. It turns out that a glass or two of red wine of an evening may actually be beneficial. But the fact is that so are some veggies. If you want to drink then have a tipple but keep it in order. Apart from anything else it dehydrates you, stops your brain working properly and makes it really hard to get out of bed in the morning. Of course if you just stayed there then that is not an issue. But some of us have jobs to go to.

  55. Don’t drink beer:

    Insert sad face. It has the most calories of all alcoholic beverages and it makes you fat. High in fast acting carbs it can also wreak havoc with those who are prone to sugar level spikes. If you are going low carb then you really don’t want to get busy with the fizzy. And if you have a beer then try to keep it at that. In fact, if you do drink you will find that you do the least amount of damage if you can drink vodka with some carbonated water and a slice of the ‘ole lemon.

  56. Buy smaller clothes so you can aim to wear them:

    Also an excuse to go shopping. But seriously maybe you have clothes in the wardrobe that used to fit? Get them out and hang them up where you see them every day. Make it your aim to fit back into that slinky dress or that nice dress shirt that you used to look Gangsta! in. It is a great motivator. Or better yet, go out and buy something really expensive and tell your other half. Sure, they may give you a whole load of grief, but when you tell them how hot you are going to look when you can fit into it they may just change their mind. Having things around you to keep the motivation high when you want to change how you look is one of the best ways to keep you on course. It allows you to aim for something concrete. It may be fitting into a pair of jeans or being able to do 20 chin-ups, but always have some kind of motivational goal in mind.

  57. Always wear sexy underwear if you are a woman:

    Just because I like it! Just kidding, well, actually, no I am not. But that is the point. Us men are fickle fickle fickle. If you wear nice underwear, and sexy stuff for special occasions, then we don’t care that you have a few excess pounds. To be honest we don’t care anyway. Losing weight and exercising should be a personal journey done for YOU, not anyone else. But one thing is for sure, getting some hot clothes makes you feel great, and leads to all kinds of adventures that make you feel an awful lot better about yourself. And it improves your own body image no end ladies. Plus men are usually randy and will always say yes!

  58. If you wear nice clothes you feel more confident:

    This is true. Whatever size you are, the worst thing we think people can possibly do is not wear nice things as they are waiting until they drop a few sizes. Obviously this comes down to money, but me and Alexis spent years with no money, and no money for nice clothes, and it can get depressing. When we had money, even though we wanted to shed a fair amount of weight, we bought nice things. It makes you feel better in yourself if you look nice, no matter your future body image goals. Look nice now, feel confident in yourself, and look forward to getting into the smaller sizes you bought that are waiting for you down the line.

  59. Have lots of sex:

    It is great for you, your partner, and boosts the happiness gland! Sod the cardio, let’s get busy in the bedroom. It’s a great workout, it’s lots of fun, it shows you love your partner and it’s a lot of fun. Did I mention that? Why go bloody jogging when there are better ways to burn a few calories at home. It is cheaper too! You don’t need expensive running shoes and trackie bottoms unless that is your thing either!!!

  60. Have some more sex:

    Why, thank you. Don’t mind if I do. Actually it burns the calories and makes you happy so why not? The more you have the more you want and the more you burn the calories. It’s kind of like God’s way of telling you that it is your duty to become more involved in this most ancient of sports.

  61. Get plenty of sleep:

    It is important that you get as much sleep as you can. Your body recovers from your exercise and grows. It makes you feel energized for the day, and it ensures that everything is working as well as it possibly can.

  62. Have a nap whenever you can:

    It’s 3PM and I feel sleepy. See you all later……………..OK, 4PM, that was nice. Where was I? Oh yeah, have a nap when you can. It allows you to de-stress, feel rested, and put your all into your waking hours. It makes you more alert, allows your body to recover as well as possible after exercise and feels so damn good. Be like a baby and learn to fall asleep instantly, wherever you are and whenever you can. Unless driving!

  63. Go for a walk at least once a day:

    There is nothing like getting out in the fresh air. Try to walk in the countryside if you possibly can, or at least in the local park. Getting back to nature feels good. Breathe some fresh air, air that is not polluted by traffic and fumes. Whenever you can get into the countryside try to do so. It makes you feel happy, is good exercise, and allows you to return to the basics. Enjoy the world you live in, breathe deeply.

  64. Get a Dog so you have to go for a walk at least twice a day:

    Life is better with a Dog. They are great fun, make you smile and feel happier about life, and are a great way to ensure that you get out in the fresh air at least twice a day. Dogs, just like people, need to go for at least two walks every single day. Learn to appreciate the outdoors, come rain or come shine, it is a beautiful world that we live in.

  65. Forget cardio as a way to lose weight:

    Misconceptions abound in the health and fitness industry. And cardio is absolutely not the best way to lose weight. Why spend hours and hours a week running or jogging (unless you enjoy it) when you could lose a lot more weight and a lot quicker by doing a few short workouts with resistance and getting your nutrition in order? Honestly, save your shin splints and get lean with the right nutrition and exercise.

  66. Remember that the best way to lose weight is through diet, not exercise:

    You see peeps on treadmills with misery written all across their faces. They are NOT enjoying themselves. Don’t ever let exercise be like this. Learn to enjoy it. We have found that the absolute best way to enjoy exercise is to have progression. And that means using your bodyweight, or resistance via weights, that allow you to get a stronger and better muscled body every single week.

  67. Build muscle:

    It helps you to lose weight as it will burn extra calories. You won’t become muscle bound, you WILL look amazing. If you use resistance training 2 or 3 times a week for a total of an hour or an hour and a half you will end up with a body better than anyone else’s that you know. You will look strong and healthy, get lean and fit, and feel amazing. Who doesn’t want that?

  68. After a month make a montage of your photos so you can easily see the progress you have made:

    You will be amazed. After just a month of eating right and exercising the transformation can be incredible. Take photos weekly and chart your progress. Make a montage of the image you just took alongside the first one you took before you got serious about changing your appearance. How cool is that? It totally inspires you to carry on with what you are doing. Wow, this stuff works! Who would have thought it, right! Inspiring stuff 😉

  69. Only ever weigh yourself on one set of scales:

    Keep it consistent. Don’t weigh yourself at a friends house and then do it at home. Every set of scales is going to give a slightly different readout. Use one set only and gauge your progress in that way. You don’t want to get un-motivated. And the best way to get depressed is to see a higher number on the scales than the one you see at home.

  70. Don’t weigh yourself every day:

    And this is especially true for the ladies. Your weight fluctuates quite a lot throughout the week, and some women can get very depressed seeing their weight shoot up for no apparent reason. Don’t freak out, it happens. Just gauge your weight over time and never stress about it over the short term. The same happens for some men. The more your weight fluctuates naturally the less you should weigh, and the less importance you should place on what the scales say, apart from over the long term. Over months they will give you the true picture of how well you are doing to reach your weight based goals.

  71. Don’t weigh yourself for 3 days after a cheat day:

    It can be depressing as hell! After a cheat day where you may well have eaten high carb meals, imbibed a few drinks, or generally pigged out, the scales are the last thing you should look at. Don’t worry, within a few days of your cheat day your weight will be back down to pre-cheat levels and the diet will still be working.

  72. Eat whatever you want on a cheat day:

    Eat what you want and don’t stress it. You are stopping your body getting too used to a calorific deficit and slowing your metabolism down. Eating over maintenance once a week is actually good for you, and allows you to carry on losing weight the rest of the week. So don’t feel bad, enjoy it.

  73. Don’t keep food in the house that you know will make you fat:

    On cheat days go out and buy the food you will eat that day. And don’t keep food that is bad for you in the house at any other time. If the food isn’t there then you can’t eat it, right? Simples! Make the cheat day a special event where you get to have a favorite meal, a take-away, or whatever you want.


  74. Biscuits have a ton of calories:

    Don’t buy them. Don’t have them in the house and don’t let anyone bring them in either. Unless you are just going to buy a few for a cheat day. Don’t buy a huge pack, just buy 1 or 2 items to let you satisfy your craving, and ensure there are never going to be any left other the following day.

  75. Get a tan:

    Everyone looks fitter and healthier with one. Sunscreen should be used sensibly but you must get exposure to the sun without sunscreen (see below). A tan makes you look healthy and is good for you. Be sure to begin with just a minute or two a day and ease into it. As you can stay out in the sun longer once you are darker you should always be careful not to risk over-exposure. Short and often is the best advice for sunbathing.

  76. Sunlight is good for you, get out of doors:

    Not only do you get much needed vitamin D but the sun makes you happy. How much sun do you need to get adequate vitamin D? Just a few minutes a few times a week. But try to get out in the sunshine whenever you can. It makes you feel alive and vibrant. The sun is what allows us to survive, enjoy it. Just be sensible when it comes to wearing some kind of screen if you are out in it a lot. Just be sure to get adequate sunlight on your skin without any sunscreen first. It stops osteoporosis, depression and a whole host of other things. It is very important for your health to get sunlight on your skin. 40% of the US are deficient in vitamin D. And this is linked to cancer, diabetes, arthritis, schizophrenia and so much more it will make your head hurt. Get out in the sun!

  77. Don’t count calories unless you really want to:

    There is simply no need to count calories. If you enjoy it then cool, but you don’t need to get obsessed about your diet for it to be a success. Make it as simple as possible and you are going to be much more likely to succeed. And for most people this means not stressing over every calorie.

  78. Let the mirror be more important than the scales:

    When you build muscle you are adding weight to your frame. If you are new to resistance training then you can pack on a good few pounds of muscle in a relatively short period of time. It may mean that your bodyweight does not change but how you look does. So always put more emphasis on what you look like naked than what the scales say.

  79. Adding muscle means you may not lose weight but you will look better:

    A helluva lot better! You will have a proper shape. A toned look for women and a muscular or lean look for men. It is your hard work that will decide what kind of body you get. And the harder that you work the more muscle you can build. It won’t make you look big if you are female, just toned and athletic.

  80. Anyone can lose weight and get the body they want:

    If they actually just consume less then they need to maintain bodyweight. You can get as lean and toned as you want to. It is just a matter of eating the right kinds of foods and doing the right kind of exercise. The exercise and nutrition arena is so full of scams, ignore nearly all of it. Most companies are out for profit, not to help you actually achieve your genetic potential.

  81. You will not get the perfect body overnight:

    It will take months or years to get where you want to be. Don’t be fooled by the nonsense you see advertised. i.e that you will get your perfect body in a few weeks. 6 months is more realistic if you only have a reasonable amount of weight to lose. And in that time you will have begun to build up the shape of your body, so it begins to look amazing. But this is for life, not just a fad, so stick with it and enjoy the journey.

  82. It will be worth it:

    Your perfect body is there waiting for you. You just have to uncover it. Training hard but briefly can have an amazing effect on your body. Plus your confidence too. Being happy with the skin you are in makes you feel better about everything else too. It’s a no-brainer really.

  83. Make the way you eat and exercise a permanent thing:

    Not a fad, that won’t work. You need to eat in a way that allows you to tweak it slightly to lose weight but that then allows you to eat at maintenance level and still enjoy your food. It is the only way for it to work out long term. This is a lifestyle change that will be with you for the rest of your life, so get it right and enjoy it. Diet and exercise should be fun, not something you have to suffer for in the short term. It doesn’t have to just be lettuce and knitted bran for evening meals!

  84. Fast for 24 hours once a week:

    If you want to lose weight more quickly then try fasting for a day once a week. Eat your evening meal then don’t eat again until the same time the following day. It can lead to some quite dramatic results and there is certainly no doubt that it will cut the calorie count for the week quite a lot. When you are fasted your insulin levels are lower and you can burn fat a lot easier. So take advantage of this and fast track your weight loss with this simple yet very effective technique.

  85. Don’t take anything to the extreme:

    This is not an overnight fix. It takes patience to get where you want to be. Don’t go fasting for days on end, don’t have a super low calorie diet. And don’t take exercise to the extreme either. Do everything in moderation and let the results come slowly but steadily. And enjoy it while it happens. This is the secret to continued fat loss and muscle gain. Working at it over the long term. In a way that allows you to continue to get improvements for as long as you want them.

  86. Publish a photo of yourself online in your underwear:

    And publicly state you will not carry on looking like that. Talk about motivational. Put it on your Facebook page, or on our Lean Ape facebook page. And state your goals. Then come back in a few months and showcase the new you. Stuff like this is hard to do but it totally motivates you to change your appearance.

  87. Make a bet that you will achieve x in x number of days:

    For an amount of money you cannot afford to lose. Or for a dare that you really do not want to carry out. Think of something that will motivate you to do what you want to change your weight, or how you look, and make it scary. The worse it will be for you if you lose the more motivated you will be to ensure that you come out the winner.

  88. Promise that you will not cut your beard until you are at the weight you want to be at:

    Men only! But it may be the motivation that you need. Why not make a bet with friends that you will not shave your beard or cut your hair until you have lost x amount of weight. Sure you may look like a mental man of the woods, but you will be losing fat and beginning your transformation to looking great naked. And you may just decide that you like your beard anyway! Maybe take it one step further and dress like a pirate!!!

  89. Have a training log:

    And write down everything you do. And always try to do better than last time. This is at the heart of truly making progress with your exercise. If you can keep a training journal then you can see the improvements that you are making each and every week. It is inspiring stuff, I can tell you that. You will see in no uncertain terms that you are getting stronger. And if you are getting stronger then you are looking better.

  90. Never exercise until you have recovered from the previous session:

    Training more than 3 times a week is actually bad for you. You won’t be able to recover enough. A full body routine that is very brief done a few times a week can deliver amazing results. You need to let your muscles recover and actually grow before you train them again. It means that once you are past the beginners stage you wil never train more than 2 or 3 times a week, if that. Amazing results can be obtained with just 1 hour of training a week. Rest is important, get plenty of it.

  91. Even exercise one day a week is better than none:

    So never forget that something is better than nothing. A few times a week is better, but anything that you do that you didn’t do before is going to give a positive result. You don’t need to, nor should you, exercise for multiple hours a week. Short, hard, and progressive is the name of the game. It delivers results and it is the best approach for nearly everyone that wants to have a better looking body. So many people put off exercising thinking it has to be some kind of a major commitment. In a way it is, but not a time one. It is a commitment to yourself that you will never be in worse shape than you are today. And that means beginning to get some discipline in your life and sticking to a program that will transform you forever.

  92. Don’t say you will start tomorrow:

    Start now. Right now. Drop and give me 20 soldier. Or 10? What? OK, 2. But make sure that you can do more push-ups than that next time we meet, OK? The sooner you start the sooner we won’t be in such an embarrassing situation. I honestly thought you could do more than 2. What? You can’t do 2. OK, see below.

  93. If you cannot do 10 chin ups if you are a woman then you have something to aim for:

    And if you are female and get to being able to doing that then you will look amazing. No doubt about it. Start with a dead hang, then move onto hanging at the top position, then move onto full chin-ups. Result! There are practically zero women that can do more than 1 or 2 chin-ups. If you can do 5 then you will be hot. 10 and you will look damn amazing. You will be lean, look toned and strong, and be the hottest Gal that there ever was! You are on fire!!!

  94. If you cannot do 20 chin ups and are a man then you have something to aim for:

    Lose the weight, exercise and practice, and pretty soon 20 chins will seem like child’s play. Then you will be buying a belt to hang more weight from. Or adding weight to a backpack and doing weighted chins for reps and for multiple sets. It starts with 1 and goes from there. The more you do them every week the better you get. You will have large and firm biceps, a nice v shaped back, strong shoulders, strong and shapely abs, and be damn hot dude. Get busy and get that masculine look that the ladies love. Vain? Maybe, practical? Very.

  95. Same for push ups:

    Everyone should be able to do multiple reps for multiple sets. If not then it is time to begin. Start by doing push-ups with your lower legs on the floor, and then progress from there. Once push-ups are easy move onto dips and then dips with added weight. This is how men and women develop strong, firm and shapely chests. No, not that kind! Oh, never mind.

  96. You should be able to do more than that really:

    A lot more. When I began my training again I felt like an idiot. I think I could do a couple of chin-ups and when I tried to do dips all I achieved was a wobble. But very quickly, and especially if part of a weight loss program, things change. Now it is a matter of having to carry the weight I attach to a belt over to the chin-up and dip station as it is too heavy to waddle around with it hanging between my legs. This stuff works, and it doesn’t take more than an hour or so a week, honestly, you can transform your body, and quickly. Results begin to show very quickly.

  97. Be consistent:

    Don’t keep changing what you eat or how you exercise. Fine tune it by all means but be consistent. The best results are obtained by sticking to a program. This means always trying to better your last workout, trying to eat as clean as possible and sticking to a low carb diet for maximum weight loss. The more you chop and change, as the results may not be instant, the less chance you have of succeeding. Stay focused and on target.

  98. Perform the same workout routine every time:

    And get stronger in the same movements. A few compound movements performed every week over the months and the years will transform your body. Don’t keep looking around for miracle workout routines. They are a myth. The reality is that if you can get very strong in the chin and dip then you will look amazing. Totally amazing. Or maybe the bent over row and push ups? Either way the secret is to strive to get stronger in exercises like this and some form of squat or variation. THAT is how to get a killer body. Simple, totally effective, but something most people simply refuse to actually put into practice. Make your weekly workout routine as much a part of you as brushing your teeth.

  99. Look better than almost every other person on the planet:

    This is what you are able to achieve. Let’s face facts, most people are either overweight, unfit, or more commonly a mixture of both. You don’t have to be like that. Start today, exercise, eat well, and get the body you both want and deserve. Be in better health, enjoy the outdoors, and feel fantastic. What are you waiting for?

  100. Have the perfect body for YOU:

    Not for anyone else. This is not a competition. Forget what others look like, and forget about what they feel you should be doing. What you should be doing is what you feel is right inside. If you are happy with your life, body and fitness then don’t do anything at all. If you want to make a change then do it. But do it for yourself. And do it so you can live to a ripe old age, and enjoy friends and family, and the beautiful world we live in for as long as you possibly can.

Thanks for reading. I hope that you have found this both helpful and inspiring. I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section. Please be sure to tell your friends and family if you found this to be of help with your goals. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you achieve everything you set your mind to.

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